The professional skills shown by our experts are displayed in the professionalism of the services carried out but also in the significantly high number of staff with university education and postgraduate studies.


In addition to technical expertise, the Interdevelopment team has relevant experience in fields such as public administration, industry or non-profit sector, thus providing a significant contribution through the ability to answer the requirements of each project through efficient and realistic approaches.

With over 60 employees and freelancers, Interdevelopment combines the extensive technical expertise with the implementation of a significant number of projects in fields including:


  • engineering and design
  • computer added modelling / GIS
  • environment protection / ecology
  • municipal waste management
  • management of water resources
  • drinking water production and distribution
  • waste water sewerage and treatment
  • civil works / infrastructure
  • air quality
  • sylviculture
  • nature preservation
  • financial-economic analysis
  • information and public awareness