Sustainable consulting and engineering solutions

The transition to the technologies of the future begins today

We develop integrated services that facilitate access to financing resources or the execution of projects in environmental infrastructure.


Our services contribute substantially to the implementation of major projects. The development of projects is based on sustainable strategies that capitalize on opportunities and streamline costs.

We generate strategies for the development of public sectors and companies.
We evaluate processes, prepare analyzes, object estimates, and project budgeting.
We implement projects and offer general management or subcontracting services.
Asistență tehnică
Technical support
We are committed to integrated project management, from planning to control.
Supervizare lucrări
Technical supervision
We supervise and control the execution of construction works in all phases.
Studii de teren
Landfill evaluation
We perform geotechnical, topographic, wastewater assessments, and other studies.
Sustainable evolution based on the technologies of the future

Digital transition consultancy

We provide our clients with the necessary expertise to adopt new technologies, facilitating the transition to a green economy.


We offer sustainable solutions based on complex analyzes to administrations and private companies. Our experts facilitate the achievement of performance criteria and preparation for future stages of development.


over 20 years of work experience


which facilitates the digital transition


of our team of highly-trained professionals


The consulting and engineering services offered to our clients target a variety of sectors. Sustainable innovation-oriented partnerships are the defining element of our work regardless, of the project.