Founded in Bucharest, in 2001, currently having over 60 permanent staff and freelancer, Interdevelopment carries out activities in the consultancy & engineering field, especially in environment protection, providing complete solutions for the development and implementation of national and international projects.


The consultancy services provided by our company covers a large range of activity fields, including waste management, drinking water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment, air quality, biodiversity, GIS, climate changes. Also, the services carried out by the company include specific public awareness activities or strengthening of the institutional capacity of the public authorities.


During 8 years of activity,, our experts have been involved in the development of over 30 large and medium size projects, in different counties of the country, generally internationally financed projects (EU, World Bank), the beneficiaries of our services being the local administrations, central institutions but also private companies.

The basic principle of our activity is that the consultancy service is not only a mean to finalise a project but a product of an extreme importance to the client; it must be operational, sustainable, within the budget and deadline.